Since 2013, HDTRANS now are known by all local and oversea agents and customers. We target to the goal of being the premier logistics provider for sea and air services. By playing an essential role in our clients’ business and delivering value added services throughout the supply chain with the highest quality service and the highest integrity, we aimed for satisfy our customers of all level.



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The ocean carriers scrambling to close the book giant container ship ... profitable group Sea transport plays aggressively Maersk ships ... other major players in the marine transport sector also refused to stand by .. Readmore
Contrary to the expectations of shippers, freight rates in 2011 have continued to decline for reasons other what is due to an imbalance in supply and load. Entering 2012, the business now shipping and are continuing to face the fear of losses after the gloomy forecast of market both Readmore
Thousands of businesses in the fields of Transportation, warehousing sky is crying because of taxes and charges to pay too much, while they can not increase the price of the service forever. The upshot is that consumers must bear to replace many of these accounts Readmore
With a compact organizational structure, procedures simpler, less use of paper records, a customs officer can handle many different jobs. Customs clearance system, the operational steps are carried out sequentially, saving time and the rotation profile signing. Therefore, the time of customs clearance h & oacu Readmore