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Nguyen Khanh Toan, director of the Office of the Automobile Transportation Association Vietnam, said businesses (DN) transport are incurred at least 13 taxes and fees, including excise duty, VAT and maintenance environmental, business income; registration fee, number plates, petroleum stabilization, bridges ... Beginning taxes, fees will continue to increase in the future with road maintenance fees, fees to the city center during peak hours ...

Push businesses in difficulties

For shippers, the burden primarily tolls. Under current regulations, the distance between two toll stations are 70 miles apart but where only about 10-20 km has established a toll booth. A freight companies in Hanoi, said there are only collected May 40-50 million from the transport contract but must spend more than 20 million kinds of taxes and fees. With this there will be an additional cost to road maintenance is an enterprise owns approximately 300 vehicles can be close to nearly 2 billion per year.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dam, director of Van Minh Co., Ltd. (Hanoi), said his company has met a lot of pressure to bear all taxes, fees tend to increase, while the company can not raise prices ticket. "If the companies themselves, the fare increase customer response and are looking to other car manufacturers are cheaper. Therefore, companies are forced to cut labor and other costs to maintain the operation, even at a loss to keep termites "- Van coal.

"At a public meeting with members of the association, we also hear them lament about taxes and charges. However, before these changes in taxes, fees and fuel prices rise, companies are not easy to increase the price of service immediately. They have already registered calculate the price adjustment to tax offices, local finance. Once approved and must continue to change the contract (freight), adjust the clock (taxi), cancel the old in the new ticket ... "- Nguyen Khanh Toan said and cited: Mai Linh Group the last two times after adjusting for 12,000 metered taxi across the country took off 6 billion.

Appealing not comprehend heaven!

Bui List Contact, Chairman of Hanoi Transport Association and Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Chairman of Association of Automobile Transport Vietnam, agreed that shippers are suffering from husband charged fees, taxes, tax husband. VAT on transport formerly 5%, then to 10%; excise duty (car imports) is 2-3 times more expensive countries in the region; corporate income tax has increased from 20% to 25%; number plate fee increase to 20 million while the wharves, bridges more and more.

That's not to mention gas prices constantly dancing damage caused DN single double damage. According to calculations, oil accounted for 40% -45% are in freight rates. According to Nguyen Khanh Toan, the constant fluctuations in gasoline prices over time have a strong impact on transport and affect the economy. As for transport, petrol price hike recently made up about 7% rate. Shippers rarely lose that count in the cost of goods to consumers pay instead!

"Automobile Transport Association Vietnam has proposed that the Ministry of Finance to consider reducing some taxes to shippers less difficult for consumers as well as reduce costs. However, the Ministry of Finance silence. Then, we continue to send the petition to the Prime Minister and the Government Office had written request to the Ministry of Finance replies competence but has yet to see what response "- Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung know.

Lo road maintenance

As expected, the road maintenance fee will be collected at the beginning of 2013. In the context of difficulty, more than 1,000 shippers, freight charges are charcoal sky as new. At an industry conference in the City of Transport recently, director of the transport company said the company is SH 100 trailers and 20 tractors. Costs associated with the Ministry of Finance - Transportation expected revenue each year to pay 1.4 billion SH.