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Electronic customs

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Electronic Customs

With a compact organizational structure, procedures simpler, less use of paper documents, a customs officer can handle many different jobs. Clearance systems and operational processes are conducted sequentially, saving time and the rotation of signing documents. Therefore, customs clearance time several times faster than traditional.

Background The advent of e-customs

On the basis of the reform agenda journey, modernization of customs laws and customs based on the newly revised XIth Congress, Session 7 through May 5-2005, and gradually reform operations customs service in line with the standards of modern customs of the region and the world, converted from customs procedure of customs procedures to electronics, to help promote administrative reform in Shanghai Quan, helping our country Customs Agency compatible with Customs in the region and in accordance with the process of integration, especially in the context of us WTO, dated 20/6/2005 Government issued Decision No. 149/2005 / QD-TTg on the pilot e-customs procedures, dated 19.07.2005 Ministry of Finance issued Decision No. 50/2005 / QD-BTC pilot process electronic customs clearance for import and export of goods