1h shared series achieved greater success than we expected

At Duc Thanh Steel, we appreciate the culture of sharing. Perhaps everyone acknowledges that sharing is a good and valuable act of man. Because giving is getting back. At the place where we work, around us are the colleagues that we communicate for at least 8 hours a day, we can share a lot of things for them. One of these cultural deployment activities at Citicom is the shared 1h series. With the first 5 numbers, we achieved unexpected success with the maximum number of participants at a sharing session: 35 people. The people who stand on the podium share no one else but the employees and officers at the company. And the shared content is very useful knowledge in life and work such as: observation skills, effective job management tools, recipes of fire transmission, principles and how to change. personal microfinance and how to make effective presentations. In addition to the videoconference between branches, we have livestreamed on the internal interactive network to share information with each Citicomer member. This is a useful, meaningful and enthusiastic activity received throughout the system.

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