Established in 2013, HDTRANS is gradually affirming its brand in Vietnam and internationally. Although participating in the transport market in the context of the general difficulties of the world economy in general and the Vietnamese economy in particular, with the right development strategy accompanied by the quality of professional services, HDTRANS has achieved stable growth with agent network in most major markets such as the US, China, Japan, Europe … Therefore HDTRANS has created the trust and reliability of partners. and customers. We are constantly striving, improving service quality, minimizing costs in order to bring core values ​​to our customers when they trust and come to HDTRANS


HDTRANS is built to aim to become a leading solution provider for global logistics, forwarding and transportation. Plays an essential role in the customer’s business as well as providing value-added services through the supply chain of the best quality services. We aim for customer satisfaction at any time.


HDTRANS is committed to providing quality services to deserve to be a reliable logistics service partner of customers on the path of expansion, development and integration with the world economy. In addition, HDTRANS strives to become the pride of Vietnamese businesses reaching out to the world with high-class, dedicated and professional services.

Core values ​​:

We always try our best to cooperate effectively with global shipping companies. Understand the role and function of each link in the logistics supply chain as well as the strengths of each carrier in the market. Cooperate effectively with partners, agencies that operate goods at ports, airports and shipping companies to send goods or receive them quickly, safely and effectively.

Main services of HDTrans

Freight forwarding services:

• Road transport services

• Sea transport services: FCL, LCL.

• Air transport services.

With a staff of professional, enthusiastic and widely dealer network around the globe.

Customs declaration, inland transport services

• The process of implementation is accurate and quick.

• Working closely with customers

• Diverse customs experience: Customs for import business, customs for industrial zones, export processing zones …

• Professional, enthusiastic, honest staff

• Fast procedure, reasonable price

• Implementation schedule is updated regularly

• Commitment to execution time

• Free Consultation