Road transport

HDTrans has a team of experienced, knowledgeable and flexible staff to handle all transportation situations and connect into a seamless line that customers can feel the combination. The best of multimodal transport includes sea, air, road and rail. There are many options where better cost can be achieved through properly and reliably multimodal implementation and combined shipping, we are confident we can expand cost-effective shipping methods. for customers.

Trucking is an inseparable part of other logistics services. HDTRANS provides scheduled transportation services, consolidation and full-trip chartering.

Road logistics services include:

– Loading and unloading

– Freight forwarding package

– Transporting super-sized, overweight, bulk and special cargo.

– Transport of household goods and personal property.

– Transporting goods in transit.

– Transporting goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import.


HDTrans always wants to send you the services built with the enthusiasm of professional lovers and the absolute respect for all customer requirements.

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